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At FESPA DIGITAL 2015, Mactac will reveal the latest developments within its self-adhesive product ranges which already include a very large offer of films and laminates that open up new creative and innovative possibilities to converters and printers.

The design market
, both in outdoor and indoor applications, represents an extraordinary opportunity for our industry.  Mactac films offer exciting and creative alternatives to existing buildings and their interior materials. Our technology allows for greater flexibility in terms of application and removability. We can offer client’s the ability to create truly unique and imaginative spaces and do so at a very cost effective rate. Retails stores, offices, reception areas, exhibitions, lobbies, bars, restaurants, hotels and home decorators are all ideal markets that can be targeted by Convertors for new, profitable business opportunities.

Wrapping vehicles for fashion is also the latest trend in vehicle decoration. Car owners now have the opportunity to personalize the paintwork of their vehicle to suit their own tastes and to create a unique, individual look. Mactac has recognized this market potential of paint replacement films and developed its stunning range of TuningFilm to answer customers’ needs. New colours and finishes will be presented at FESPA. But not only cars can be wrapped and personalized with our products.

Mactac TuningFilm can also be used on boats creating stunning effects !


This year, Mactac will use the occasion to demonstrate a wide range of applications through the films and laminates that will be used to decorate the booth. Not only the booth will be decorated using several Mactac best sellers but also some of our brand new products.

The complete floor surface will be covered with printed vinyl WW300 protected by FloorGrip, the new laminating film that will protect the print from pedestrian traffic during the show.

Almost all surfaces of the booth, including a car, a section of boat hull and even pieces of furniture will be covered with various Mactac products to show how easy it is to completely and easily transform a room, a building, a street, a window, a car, a boat, a table or a chair with Mactac  self-adhesive films.  

In addition, car wrapping demonstration sessions will take place several times a day. Do not miss the occasion to attend one of them !


Mactac latest developments :

Wall Chalker

Vinyl that easily transforms walls, tables and other surfaces into a chalkboard.

GlassDecor 700 BF

MACal Glass Decor 798-01 BF ! Thanks to the "Mactac Bubble Free Application" , this new product offers a quick application without bubbles.


Glass Decor 598-03

Polymeric translucent vinyl designed for indoor and outdoor windows decoration.


Easy 209 P :
Short term indoor or outdoor advertising and promotion on flat surfaces. The thick face material and the special adhesive makes

this product easier to apply in comparison  to the classic range of the non Bubble-free products.


CastRAP 629 B-Free

New cast-vinyl film equipped with the patented BF technology which allows easy and bubble-free application.


FloorGrip & StreetLam (Permaflex range)

FloorGrip & StreetLam  have been specifically developed for short term outdoor Floor Graphics applications in combination with StreetRap as print media. They are both ideally suited to protect digitally printed floor graphics from abrasion due to pedestrian traffic.



ShieldLam is a laminating film from the PERMACOLOR family, especially designed for the outdoor protection of our Tuning Film range used in both boat and car wrapping applications


TuningFilm Range

Enlarged by new colors and ...


TuningFilm VelvetThe One & Only

I Want Velvet !

Mactac TuningFilm Velvet is a stunning product that allows car owners to give a unique look to their vehicle. This film has the glamorous appearance and touch of velvet and generates an undeniable WOW effect. Available in 3 colors, extremely conformable, it can be used to wrap any kind of vehicle as well as pieces of furniture’s. Thanks to its flocked texture, the TuningFilm Velvet is easily washable and does not require any special maintenance.

Don’t lose an opportunity to join us on the Mactac booth to discover these brand new products and see one of the various application demonstrations that will take place all along the exhibition.


Visit the Mactac booth (Hall6 – Q61) to see these and more product innovations.