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MACal 9800 Pro

An exclusive MACtac film of premium quality, designed for high-performance permanent marking applications requiring a 8-10 years outdoor life. The high-gloss face-stock is highly flexible and provides ideal conformability over simple contours. The product features a premium permanent acrylic adhesive and a white Kraft liner for stability and lay-flat.
MACal 9800 Pro is an outstanding choice for fleet marking, equipment identification, window graphics and logos.
In order to allow you to find the best MACtac colour in comparison of any colour you can find on the market (paints, coloured paper, varnish, ...), here is the colour definition of each of our
standard colours.

MACal 9800 Pro8-10 anni - Vinile ad alta performance99 colori lucidilucidopermanentetransparente8 anni (colori) 5 anni (metallici)
MACal 9800 Pro8-10 anni - Vinile ad alta performancebianco o neroopachipermanentetransparente10 anni (in bianco e nero)