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Laminazioni con Finiture Testurizzate


MACtac presents an innovative range of textured laminates that give plain coloured film and digital images the feel and texture of the real thing. Imagine a wood grain print with a real wood grain finish.  Create stunning brushed metal, crystal or leather finishes.
MACtac makes it possible ! MACtac Permafun Laminates will make your work stand out from the crowd and open up a whole new market in architectural and interior design.
MACtac Permafun Laminates add an exciting new dimension to exterior and interior walls, furnishings and any building structure.  Objects and substrates can be completely transformed easily and cost effectively with amazing results.


PERMAfun FrostSatin, cadmium-free clear 150µm polymeric vinylSatinIce crystal structureHigh TackClear3 years
PERMAfun Leathertex150µm polymeric vinyl film with a textured leather pattern (elephant skin-like)Satincoarse leather structureHigh TackClear3 years
PERMAfun Crystal GlossPremium cast vinyl with high gloss and high concentration of refracting additivesTransparentGlisteningclear5 years
PERMAfun Coarse Grain Woodsatin wood texture polymeric 120µsatinstructuredhigh tackclear5 years
PERMAfun Brushed Metalsatin brushed texture polymeric 100µsatinstructuredhigh tackclear5 years
PERMAfun Carbon Clear-Pro150µ premium polymeric vinyl with a carbon fibre structure and a special adhesive which allows excellent adhesionTransparentCarbon fibre structuredHigh TackClear6 years3 years
PERMAfun Peach SkinMatt, peach skin texuremattstructuredhigh tackclear5 years